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S7: Episode 8 Unraveling Forgiveness with special guests Stephanie and Kyle Koontz

Bringing Her Hope

Monday, October 11, 2021 - 51 minutes

Today, return guest Stephanie Koontz, and her husband Kyle Koontz joins the conversation for the first time.  You can take a listen to Stephanie's first podcast episode with us to get her back story https://bringingherhope.com/project/desperate-to-fit-in-with-stephanie-koontz/ 
 Part two of this journey...  Stephanie shares that the damage was done, and divorce was inevitable. Stephanie was convinced that her husband, Kyle, would never change, and she deserved to be happier than this marriage could ever offer. God's whisper was clear, "Thirty-one days to forgiveness; start writing."    
Today we unpack the conversation about what it looks like to Unravel Forgiveness—seeing both sides of the street.  Last but certainly not least, our friend Stephanie is partnering with the Bringing Her Hope Podcast to do a book giveaway of her new book Unraveling Forgiveness  https://www.amazon.com/Books-STEPHANIE-KOONTZ/s?rh=n%3A283155%2Cp_27%3ASTEPHANIE+KOONTZ .  

 You can also enter to win a copy of her book: https://woobox.com/4d246x

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