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Paul & Debbie start your day, every weekday morning, on Hope 107.9!


About Debbie:

Paul and I have been married since 1984. We have 3 of the most wonderful kids, well….adults and one son-in-love. We have 3 grandsons, 2 granddaughters and one grand-dog who has been part of the family
longer than the littles! I enjoy family time with them immensely!

I’ve been on staff at Hope since 2008 but volunteered for a few years before that. I do love doing the show with my sweet hubby, we laugh a lot! There have been a few times when we might not have been laughing (because we’re married) but once that mic is on….so are we!

I have worked in clerical/admin since I was 16 years old, that is a long time! My strength is organization, which is why I’ve stayed in the field of admin.

Our family loves to spend time together, play games, do an annual trip together, sing and dance! Our family put on a variety show once-upon-a-time. It was a fundraiser for our son and daughter who were going to Haiti after the earthquakes. I was the nervous one but that was a blast!

We are always looking to make you smile.

Favorite Weekend activity: Camping in our “new to us” trailer

Early Bird? Or Night Owl? Both really, I’ve never required as much sleep as some.

Favorite Date Night Activity: Dinner and movie with Paul. I especially enjoy the date night package at the Pix Theater.

All Time Favorite Movie: It’s a Wonderful Life, a real classic and a beautiful story.

About Paul:

Married to my beautiful bride Debbie since 1984 and we have three kids, five grandkids and no pets, except for the occasional unwelcomed field mouse, gopher, rat, snake and crows that seem to enjoy calling our yard their home.  

Debbie was actually the one who got me started in radio here at the station as a volunteer back in the 90's. I eventually came on board as a salesman in 1999 when I felt God was calling me to switch career paths.  I have held many different positions here over the years, but doing the morning show with my bride has been one of the most enjoyable jobs I've ever had.

What you hear on the air is pretty much how we are.  We're just living our lives on the air.  Yes, Debbie is the kind, positive and caring one and I think all of those things are great, which is why I focus on humor... (insert rim shot here!)

We hope that by doing life with you on the radio will bring joy and happiness to your day, and hopefully a closer connection to God.

Favorite Weekend Activity:  Camping in our trailer.

First Concert:  The Beatles at Shea Stadium in 1965.  True story, my babysitter took me.

Early Bird? Or Night Owl?  Definitely a night owl, so of course, I do the morning show.

All Time Favorite Movie?  At one time I really enjoyed the first Matrix movie, because it painted this picture in my mind of how, as Christians, we, like the people in the movie, are living in this world but not really from it.  So when I see things that are wrong with this world, it reminds me that we are here to try to make things better and one day will be in our perfect real home.


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