What should I say in my commercial?

This is the most important of the Big 3.  You will likely get better results from a strong, relevant message to the wrong audience, than to reach the right audience with a message that is not relevant.  Crafting a relevant message requires that you step into the mind and heart of your target audience.  What does he/she need?  What does he/she value?  A man doesn’t go into a hardware store because he needs a drill bit.  He goes in because he needs a hole.  A women doesn’t value ASE Certified Mechanics.  She values getting her car fixed right so she doesn’t have to worry about herself or her family breaking down somewhere. 

Relevant messages speak to the needs and values of your target audience and avoid using overused words and clichés.  Words like “quality” and phrases like “great customer service” have been so overused they have lost their meaning.   Instead you must define what “great customer service” means in a way that is relevant to your target audience.

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