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We invite all our listeners of HOPE 107.9 to participate in the many contests we have. In order to make it fun and fair for everyone we have just a few rules we ask you to follow.

1) Watch for any age restrictions. Each contest may have it's own age limitation and if so it will be listed on the entry form. If there is no age limit listed, anyone is eligible to enter.

2) Though we realize some people are just luckier than others, we ask that if you have recently won something, say in the last 30 days, that you resist the temptation of entering the next contest. Let's give someone else a chance, shall we? However, if you convince your neighbors to enter and they win front row tickets and want to take you, well that's just part of being lucky I guess.

3) Prizes should be claimed within 30 days. We have a small building and quite honestly if winners don't pick up their prizes we just run out of space. Please know that your forfeited prize will be recycled and given away again to some other lucky winner. It's all a part of the circle of life. Prizes can be picked up at 34545 Hwy 20 SE Albany Oregon at the studios of HOPE 107.9 and KWIL 790 AM.

4) Occasionally we get really crazy and giveaway a prize over $600. Sure, I know we mostly giveaway concert tickets and CD's but I did say "occasionally." If you are lucky enough to win one of the "Big Prizes”, or a number of medium prizes totally up to $600 in a calendar year, you will receive a little something extra. It's called a 1099 form. You see Uncle Sam loves to collect taxes and when you win $600 or more in a calendar year the IRS wants you to pay taxes on it. I know, it seems silly but just remember this isn't our rule, it's the IRS's rules. We just make sure we follow them.

5) Part of the joy of giving things away is hearing the excitement in your voices when you win. So by accepting our prizes you allow us to use your name, voice, photo or likeness as we share your moment with others listening to HOPE. So, when we call with the good news, sound excited OK? If you're worried about the 1099 form, just fake your excitement so the rest of us can enjoy the moment.

6) Now for the bad news to the staff. The employees of Extra Mile Media and their relatives are ineligible to win any contest of HOPE 107.9 or KWIL 790 AM. However, as a member of the staff you are eligible to enter any contests put on by other radio stations. However, you may want to do this discreetly so your boss doesn't find out you are listening to other radio stations.

7) Our last item is a bit more legal mumbo jumbo. We reserve the right to stop any promotion or contest at any time, for any reason. Though it's very unlikely, the possibility does exist that events beyond our control may cause a contest or promotion to become inappropriate, offensive or just a bad idea in general. It will probably never happen but just in case, we want to be on the safe side.

8) None of our contest will ever require a purchase of any kind.
If anyone claiming to be a representative of Extra Mile Media, HOPE 107.9 or this website suggest you make a purchase for the chance to enter, please refuse and contact us immediately. Contact Randy Davison at Extra Mile Media at 541-926-2233.

9) Odds of winning one of our contests are dependent upon the total number of contestants who enter.

10) Finally, have fun and be sure to share the luck. When you win a pair of concert tickets take someone who needs a little hope. If you win something and God reminds you someone you know who would really love to have it, I say give it to them instead. Just maybe your kindness will be rewarded and you will win an even bigger prize next time. That's kind of how God works.

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