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About Scott:
1)  Spouse:  I've been married to the girl of my dreams... and she still loves me!
2)  Kids:
  Susie and I have 4 kids. We had them in two sets: older (24 & 21) and younger (14 & 12). The only thing that has really aged me is teaching the first two how to drive—also known as when your life flashing before your eyes goes into reruns.

3)  Pets:  Jett is our two-year-old long-haired mini-dachshund. He does tricks! Lie down, roll over, sit up, bang (play dead), fetch, stay, treat on the nose, and dance like a fool!

4)  Testimony:  I lived pretty fast as a teenager and after many car wrecks and near misses, I finally understood that the Lord must have something in store for me or I'd be dead. Since then I have been working out my salvation with fear and trembling.  Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, says the Word, so I'm trying to be faithful in studying and praying without ceasing. Learning to love like Jesus.

 About Sam:
1)  Spouse:
Carlos - My tall handsome husband.  He's works in advertising, loves God and plays a mean game of hoops.
2)  Kids:

Desmond - The son of my heart.  I married him when I married Carlos... I remember when I used to bundle him up in a blanket and swing him around.  Now he's taller than I am and is starting to talk with a deep voice.  Still the son of my heart, I just can't bench press him.


Zoe -  Our miracle girl.  She was born on leap day.  She has an extra chromosome and a spirit that shines brighter than the sun.  She had a seizure disorder that shut down her brain for about five months when she was tiny.  God healed her and now she stuns doctors and teachers.  They don't see how it's possible for her to be so far ahead.  I tell them that with God all things are possible.

3)  Pets:   Buttercup the dog.  Desmond named her.  She's solid black with white feet.  Not sure how "Buttercup" describes her, but it just does.

4)  Testimony:  I knew God was real when I started working in radio.  I was always shy and could barely speak.  When I started talking into a microphone, I knew what to say, and I knew I hadn't done it.  Now I know how to do it, but have never forgotten who taught me and who continues to give me a chance.  God shows himself faithful in our weak spots.  He has blessed me more than I know how to describe.  I love Him.


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